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Leadership Development

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Helping youth develop self-confidence and leadership skills

By developing their leadership and self-advocacy skills, youth with disabilities will be prepared to successfully transition to adulthood and inclusive employment. Strategies MEAF has supported with recent grants include: Self-Advocacy, Service and Volunteerism, and Youth and the Environment.

Leadership team outside of the White House


One of the most critical aspects of developing leadership skills in young people is empowering them to be their own self-advocates. This is particularly true for young people with disabilities who are often faced with low expectations from parents, educators and employers. An empowered young person who can advocate his /her abilities, goals and desires, is much more likely to succeed and have the tools needed to lead an independent, productive life.

Most of the projects MEAF supports include the development of self-advocacy skills in youth.


I am Norm National Inclusion Campaign
I am Norm thumbnail

Organizations: Kids Included Together, National Inclusion Project, USA TODAY Charitable Foundation
Grants: $50,000
Years: 2009 - 2013

Summer Internship Programs
Stacy Cervenka gives tour

Organization: AAPD, USICD, The Washington Center
Grants: $1,118,690
Years: 2002 - 2015


This is a valuable way for young people to develop their leadership potential and gain practical experience, which may lead to future employment. By engaging in volunteer activities and national service programs such as AmeriCorps, youth with disabilities have an opportunity to participate as providers—rather than recipients—of service. It helps build their self-confidence and change the attitudes of those around them.

MEAF has a long history of supporting projects that engage youth with disabilities in volunteerism and service, investing $371K along with thousands of Mitsubishi Electric employee volunteer hours.


Inclusive Crew Model
three crew members at Yellowstone

Organization: The Corps Network
Grants: $122,000
Years: 2007-2009

Employees on the M.O.V.E.
Mitsubishi Electric volunteers install solar panels on a home


Globally, the Mitsubishi Electric Corporation is committed to creating a better tomorrow through "EcoChanges." These values are reflected in the projects MEAF supports, such as providing experiential opportunities for young people with disabilities to participate in outdoor activities. This helps them develop an appreciation of nature, improve their health and well-being, along with their self-confidence and leadership potential.

Mitsubishi Electric employee volunteers donate hundreds of hours and thousands of Matching Grant dollars annually to prepare summer camps for youth with disabilities. MEAF has invested nearly one million in environmental and recreation-related projects as part of its national Inclusion Initiative.


Include All Girls Initiative
A girl demonstrates her Braille machine to fellow Brownies

Organization: Girl Scouts of the USA
Grants: $416,250
Years: 2002-2013

Inclusive Crew Model
three crew members at Yellowstone

Organization: The Corps Network
Grants: $122,000
Years: 2007-2009

Global Youth Service Day
Mitsubishi Electric volunteers planting a large tree

Organizations: Northwest Suburban Special Education Association
Grants: $89,360
Years: 1994-2013


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