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Mitsubishi Electric

USA - Mitsubishi Electric America Foundation
What if the power of the sun could be used to help empower youth with disabilities?
Imagine empowering youth with disabilities to design their own career path.
What if planting a garden helped a young person with a disability get a job?
Can a robot mentor a young person with a disability?

Mitsubishi Electric America Foundation (MEAF) is the corporate foundation of the Mitsubishi Electric group companies in the United States. MEAF works to make Changes for the Better in society by investing in innovative strategies to empower youth with disabilities to lead productive lives.

Innovative Strategies to Empower Youth

Leadership Development


Investing in tomorrow’s leaders to help them reach their full potential

Employment Preparation

Intern photo outside White House

Empowering youth with disabilities to be prepared to enter the workforce

Ability Awareness

Stacey giving tour

Raising awareness to promote the full inclusion of people with disabilities in society

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